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Discover the first novel and your introduction into Jason McCammon's novel The Ancient Lands: Warrior Quest - Search for the Ifa Scepter. 

He has spent his whole life trying to prove himself worthy of his father’s crown. By age fifteen, Bomani’s warrior skills had surpassed all the boys his age; yet that wasn’t enough for him.


When the precious Ifa Scepter must be found to save his kingdom, it is Bomani who secretly sets out on this journey to retrieve it  -alone.


But, it is destiny that adds a companion to his solemn quest; a young girl named Farra. This cheerful, chatty, young sorceress is just attaining her powers and has only just begun the sacred magical bond she shares with her wolf pup.


Together, they venture deep into the, “Forbidden Expanse,”  where most other humans would not dare to dwell. 


Their, “Search for the Ifa Scepter,” will test every aspect of their being in this intense magical adventure. They’ll need Bomani’s prowess of shield and spear, Farra’s sorcery, and the help of a few magical runes to battle their way through the Expanse. Yet, the most powerful of all of their assets will be their courage and the friendship they will forge.

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